Chasing The Sound

Why ‘Chasing The Sound’?

I’ve been mulling around the idea for a nature and concert photography blog for some time. The first hurdle was a name. I wanted something that could work in both worlds, nature and music. All though my life has been consumed with music and concerts over the last several years I still consider myself at heart, a nature photographer. But with the thousands of concert images I’ve shot over the last 7 years that place in my heart that was all about waterfalls and mountain streams has made room for stages, bands, venue lights, mic stands, guitars and the occasional drummer. See drummers are the most elusive of the creatures that inhabit a stage, sometimes hiding behind massive cymbals but most of the time just hiding in the dark near the back of the stage where light doesn’t reach.

Sorry, got sidetracked, back to finding a name that fit. I don’t recall exactly where I was when the name hit me. I thought to myself “Chasing The Sound” was the perfect name for what I wanted. I did a small survey (well, I asked two people.. my wife and one of my brothers) and the results were positive!

The concert side of this name is pretty obvious. I’ve traveled extensively the last few years “Chasing The Sound” with camera’s in hand. Covering many different genres of music mostly here in Kentucky but with trips into Ohio, West Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina and hoping to add Florida to that list in the upcoming spring festival season.


The nature side might be a little tougher to explain. Especially to someone that hasn’t spent much time in the woods or anywhere away from any sound of humans. For those that don’t understand exactly what I’m talking about imagine walking beside a mountain stream, imagine the sound the water will make flowing over rocks or the thunderous sound of a waterfall flowing at full force or waves crashing on a beach, those sounds are just a few examples of what I chase in nature. There are other natural sounds, wildlife, wind blowing through trees, thunder, but one in particular might be (in my opinion) the most impressive, the sound of silence! I can remember a few different times when that silence was deafening, high on a mountain waiting for the sunrise or hiking along a mountain trail in the pouring snow or standing on the edge of a very still lake watching the fog rise above the water, the only sound was that of my camera shutter as I tried to capture the moment.


Hope that explains a little about what I’m doing with this page.

Hopefully I’ll post some content that you enjoy!

Let’s get started!

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